Friday, February 12, 2010


The Gallery looked fabulous, the refreshments were fabulous, the music was fabulous and the artwork was divine! Last evening a select group of art lovers had the opportunity to preview the ArtWorks Members 3rd Annual Fine Art Exhibit. The classical guitar of Wyatt Roselle and the outstanding artwork by 44 Artworks members had the guests in a very mellow mood. Steve and I made our guests as welcome as possible as they sipped their favorite beverage, courtesy of FLUID and munched on spring rolls and the award winning spinach dip from 440 Main.

Steve took lots of photos and if they do not appear with this blog, check out the news section of the website. He also took a photo of each and every piece in the show, all 88 of them! Some pieces are already sporting the classic "blue dot" that signifies sold but should you see one you like let us know and we will get you all the information you need to make it your own.

The exhibit was juried by Amanda Dillingham from The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN. I wasn't in on the jurying (cleaning in the back studio) but I know she was quite impressed with the high quality of work she was judging. At this time the list of winners is being guarded by Price Waterhouse (if they still exist) and the awards will be announced at 7pm on Saturday evening. You are all welcome to join the throng that will be assembled here for the excitement and merry making! So either way...say tuned or come on down to The Gallery at 916

Monday, February 1, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

January ended with a small explosion of snow here in South Central Kentucky which was welcomed by every kid, young or old, I know. The newspaper had multiple stories about sledding on this hill or that; how many sledding injuries made it into the hospitals and whose car slid into whose. The photos that accompanied these stories featured smiling red cheeked faces. My favorite photo has about six kids on one sled on the hill behind the junior high school. Hospital Hill, which is in the center of town and in my estimation the scariest of sledding spots, due to multiple trees and boulders, was the scene of a traffic jam for most of Saturday! Cars were parked on both sides of all the streets leading up to it. Oh, it was fun. Gallery was closed and I took the cross country skis out to the golf course for a little ungroomed trail blazing in the bright sunshine.

I grew up in the Buffalo, New York area and winter rolled in around November 15th with one big gray cloud that stayed until April. I thought every one's winter looked just like mine. When I was a kid, I never could figure out how photographers got those gorgeous shots of blue streams flowing through pristine white snowbanks with the sun shining through the pines. And then, thank God, I moved. I had never until then seen the sun come out after a snowstorm! It was heavenly! Although that was many years ago, I continue to marvel at that natural wonder made up of kids, sunlight and snow. And so it was this weekend. And it was fabulous.