Wednesday, July 22, 2009


August 14th is the date for the next Bowling Green Gallery Hop and John Martin and Marshall Scott will release their new CD , JMS, to the public. It is really great and I wish I could let you hear a few cuts from it but technologically, I am not that savvy. You will just have to come downtown on the 14th to meet the artists and hear the music. They will be here from 5 until at least 8pm. CD's, old and new will be available.

As WKU colleagues, John and Marshall have enjoyed a 20 year friendship and performed together in jazz combos, big bands and even classical ensembles. The JMS Jazz Duo began as a "necessary experiment" as many gigs required less performers and/or less sound. This wonderful combination soon evolved into one of the most creative and rewarding ensembles

Marshall Scott began playing trumpet at the age of 9 under the direction of Jack Basil in Elkins, West Virginina. He has been teaching trumpet and directing the Jazz Band at WKU since 1990. As a performer he has played in a wide variety of roles ranging from playing principal trumpet with various orchestras to performing with brass ensembles. He has accompanied many entertainers and jazz artists including Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops & Temptations, Natalie Cole and Bernadette Peters.

He can be heard on CD recordings including: "Lumen" as a member of the Louisville Trumpet and Brass Ensembles, "Earth Dances" as a member of the Kentuckiana Brass and performing his own compositions on"The Marshall Scott Jazz Quintet."

John Martin is currently director of guitar and music technology studies at WKU. He has appeared in Guitar Player magazine, is an artist for Godin guitars and GHS strings. He has made concert appearances with Al Martino, Norm Crosby, Clint Holmes, Joe Nichols and Tracy Lawrence.

John frequently performs with Michael Scott. He and Michael spent Thanksgiving 2007 on tour in Iraq. Along with teaching at WKU, he keeps quite busy as a freelance musician.

Plan to join the Steve and the fabulously talented Jazz Duo on Friday, August 14th at
The Gallery at 916 for the next Bowling Green Gallery Hop!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Work

I believe that when this country has a holiday it should involve several days. Therefore, I am just now getting back to business. And it was a great holiday! The weather had everyone guessing on Saturday and Sunday but that just added to the excitement. On Saturday evening, I gathered with friends and husband under a tent on the lawn of the WKU Guthrie Bell Tower waiting for the rain to stop so that Orchestra Kentucky could begin . Well, that never happened. No music but fabulous fireworks! All of us under the tent agreed that it was a festive, if a somewhat soggy fourth!
Sunday plans for the lake had to take a back seat to the weather too. We finally did make it out to the cabin but all outside activities were cut pretty short. We've decided you can pan fry just about anything(hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers) and it all tastes great when you are among good friends and family.

Tomorrow the gallery will host KET which is our local PBS station as they produce a segment on Bill Guffey, who is exhibiting in the gallery this month. When I have more informaiton on where the segment will air and when, I will pass that along. Stay tuned.

There, I have worked pretty hard today and it's only my first day back on the job. Better knock off early...don't want to wear myself out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What we have

Steve and I had a photo session today. Boy, is he patient! We took a least a hundred shots of the artwork in the gallery. We realized that if you can't see what we have you can't enjoy hearing about it or the people who create it. With that in mind, we have an aggressive agenda of photo shoots coming up.
Today we focused on adding works by Bill Guffey and Rhonda Hartis Smith. who are exhibiting this month. We also photographed two works by Angela Kuprion, who is a nationally recognized portrait artist. Capitol Lobbyists, features people in the lobby of the Capitol Arts Theater which is a restored movie theater. This piece won honorable mention in the 2009 Women in the Arts exhibition which is produced by The Women's Center of The Medical Center at Bowling Green. The second work is titled Roses. Both works are oil, Roses on canvas and Capitol Lobbyists on board.
Lynn Robertson has exhibited with The Gallery at 916 since day one. We have added two new works to her page, Luxemborg Gardens and Hey! Hay! Lynn travels extensively with her husband Claude, who is also an artist, and always returns with images that become works of art. Both pieces are oil on board.
So that's a little of what we have. We took photos of our pottery, jewelry and furniture which I will introduce to you along with their creators in the days to come.
It's possible that I will publish this blog post before Steve gets the photos on the site. But patience is a Steve reminded me several times today.