Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines Day

The weather outside is frightful but Mary Lou's Valentines are delightful. I know those aren't the real words to the song but today it's the truth! The weather has been wild all day. First rain, then snow, then beautiful blue sky, a blizzard, hail, more blue sky, more snow and now as night falls all is quiet with soft grey clouds.

Mary Lou's Valentines on the other hand are lovely. We received 19 originals note cards! Some are pink, some red, some sport handmade glitter hearts. What a truly personal way to say you are loved. Mary Lou has never marketed her cards before and we are really happy that she has chosen The Gallery for her debut. Each cards sells for $4.75.

If you are in the Bowling Green area and the weather permits, stop by and take a look, I have several of them in the window.

So count up your Valentines and send us an e-mail, we will be happy to ship as many as you need to make them all happy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wow...What a Season!

I promised our web designer that I wouldn't let the blog down...and that is just what I did during the crazy time between Halloween and the New Year! Where did the time go? I can tell you, Steve and I spent a lot of time together and all of it in the gallery.

Saturday, October 31 st. had us dressed in appropriate costumes handing out trick and treats to the little art lovers who visited the square. Six days later we were decked out for the Downtown Christmas Open House! All during November we stocked the shelves and walls with goodies for Christmas art lovers.

We accepted Tom Pfannerstills work and readied the gallery for the December 4th Gallery Hop. Tom's work delighted everyone who came into the gallery during the duration of the show. Steve, with the help of our other good friend Steve, succeeded in hanging one of Tom's 3d pieces from the ceiling. I stuck around watching them for awhile but when it came time to hoist the $3800 still life, I went out for coffee. They did an amazing job and Tom was so pleased when he saw our installation.

The December Gallery Hop was sandwiched between The Downtown Lights Up, on Thursday night, and the Christmas Parade on Saturday morning. A very festive time for all.

Tom's official reception was held on Sunday afternoon, December 13th. Despite the draw of a Titan's home football game, there was barely room to move as Tom and Jessica Snodgrass gave their gallery talks. And so the month continued.

Business was brisk and as we got closer to Christmas we were both feeling in the spirit of the season. Lots of folks liked what we had to offer in the way of art and good will.

Christmas over I took some time with Dennis to visit the daughter and her family in Madison, WI. We loaded Christmas presents and the cross country skis and spent 5 days enjoying the snow, great beer and the most adorable grandchild in the world.

So here we are somewhere in the middle of January. Steve has repainted the WHOLE gallery and we have ordered a new hanging display system. The majority of Tom's great work has gone back to Louisville, new work by Amanda Sears has arrived, the 3rd Annual Artworks Juried Exhibition is due to open in February, and the final plans are falling into place for the 2010 Gallery Hops which begin in March.

So now with the new year begun I have you up to speed And...I will promise our web designer one more time, I won't let the blog down! I promise!