Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Did you know that laughter heals the heart, increases your metabolism, makes you happy and touches even the grumpiest demeanor?" Austin photographer Lorri Honeycutt has produced photo-illustrations for a real estate firm, hair salon, sign company, medical group, software company and, of course, many restaurants and wineries. Honeycutt’s work is sold at Fortneys and Sparks, both on 6th Street in Austin, and is available at art festivals in Texas and along the East Coast and I was lucky enough to encounter her work on a trip to Tampa, FL. "I think that a sense of humor is a gift. Meeting those who share your odd sense of humor is joyous. Which means, I think we would get along famously. "All the photos were taken with a Nikon SLR digital camera macro lens, and a lot of little figures. None of the photos have been digitally enhanced or created." I just love the little figures! "At the very least, I hope my photos bring you a smile." And smile you will when you window shop at The Gallery at 916. Three of Lorri's photos are for sale at The Gallery. Or visit her online gallery at www.bigworldphoto.com.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tis the Merry Month of May

May is just a week away and we are busy collecting art to honor the two great May traditions of Kentucky: The Derby and Mother's Day.

Brenda Brown, our Russellville artist, keeps our gallery bright and cheerful with her mixed media horses and cows. Our newest piece is titled "254." It is a mixed media piece that features a black and white Holstein named, "254." We also have "Calvin" on display. It is also a mixed media piece that features the "winningest" jockey from last season, Calvin Borel. We are looking forward to several more pieces from Brenda for this most exciting of seasons.

Faye Christian Phillips promised me that she planned to set yesterday aside to paint, paint, paint. I haven't heard how successful she was but I am looking forward to seeing her new work. She has quite a followingher at The Gallery and her admirers anxiously await new work as eagerly as I do. She had several ideas that she wanted to commit to canvas for Spring. We will photograph and post as soon as we can, so stay tuned.

Working on an exhibit with Angela Kuprion, Helen Nash, Rhonda Hartis Smith and others for the fall. It takes a while to go from the talking stage to an actual exhibit and I will keep you informed as we progress through the process.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gallery News

The exhibit for Cindy O'Daniel and Bob Goodwin is sadly coming to an end. It has been a wonderful show and The Gallery has never looked so striking! We continue to have clients come in who have seen the exhibit not once but three or four times! They usually have a "first timer" in tow and they do the gallery talk for me! It is that amazing.

Although Bob and Cindy have been in several art shows, this is the first time they have exhibited in a gallery. Not knowing what to expect at an artist reception, they were thrilled with the turn out and the interest displayed by the guests. They were gracious to the end, explaining the process and philosophy behind their art.

They did not meet until the reception on Friday evening and after spending several hours enjoying each others work, they made plans to get together and work! Bob is most interested in learning more about oil painting and from the first time he saw Cindy's work, he said, "I want to take a few lessons from this lady!"

After the exhibit closes, The Gallery will continue to have a limited number of Bob's pieces available and we are currently working with Cindy to feature her prints on canvas.