Monday, August 3, 2009

Is it really August?

The door to the Gallery is open and the air conditioner is it really August? This is absolutely wonderful weather. Last week my husband and I flew to Cape Cod. I feel like I brought this fantastic weather back with us. What a gift.

Our week away took us to Chatham MA which, if you know your "left arm" geography of the Cape, is at your elbow. Michigander's use the "mitten" to show non-Michiganders where everything is in Michigan and Cape residents use the upper left extremity. Henry David Thoreau was the first to use the left arm analogy and it's accuracy has kept it in use for the past two hundred years.

Everything is Cape Cod is special. The food, the beaches, the ice cream and the weekly band concerts which are held in every town park from Mattapoisett to Provincetown. In Chatham it is advisable to position your blanket on the grass before 9AM as the park fills to overflowing. Not surprisingly for the Cape, no one even thinks of moving a blanket, so even if you are late for the performance your space is still waiting for you. I told you the place was special!

If you are an art lover, the Cape has hundreds of special small galleries, co-ops and art centers. Admittedly, the landscape and the architecture lends itself to all types of artistic interpretation and there is no shortage of places to view and purchase. I think I was most impressed with the Wynne/Falconer Gallery. The owner is Ken Wynne and not only did he know where Bowling Green was located,no body parts needed, he had fond memories of Charlie Garvin! Let me know if you are interested in that link as it would take a post all of it own.

Karen Hollingsworth had work on exhibit at Wynne/Falconer Gallery during July and her piece "4 Chairs" will be on the cover of Southern Arts magazine this coming month. "I'm trying to recreate the experience found when a room is bathed in strong sunlight, transforming simple human things, chairs, beds, paper bags, into objects of beauty." (Artist statement) As far as I am concerned, she can drop the "trying to" she has achieved a perfect recreation of several simple human things. I have visited her website and left a message of admiration. Wonder if she'd be interested in showing in good old Bowling Green. If she answers my e-mail, I just might ask her.

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