Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Look

The outside of the Gallery at 916 has been undergoing some renovations. Tonya Taylor an architectural restorer has been working on the limestone columns and caps, scraping old paint and recasting "gargoyles." The old awning has been removed which makes the interior seem so much brighter and the sign has been repainted. We asked (begged) that the awning not be replaced. That made the landlord quite happy, for obvious reasons!

With the changes going on outside, changes must go on inside as well. That means artwork! Our next exhibit will coincide with the Bowling Green International Festival Gallery Walk and will feature Amanda Sears.

Amanda was born and raised in Kentucky and currently resides in Nashville. She spent several years in Chicago perfecting her art in addition to fashion styling and acting.

Amanda's artistic statement actually poses a question for her audience...What do you see?
Drawing from an extensive background in theater and fashion, Amanda creates pieces that incorporate both tactile and visual elements that lead the viewer to discover their own conclusions about what may or may not be conventionally beautiful.

"I want to know what my audience perceives from my work. Although I may create a piece with a certain intention, or inspiration, nothing is more gratifying than to hear what it has encouraged someone else to discover. Ultimately, my work is a modern expression of my energy and truth, whatever that may be at the moment, but when someone looks at my work, it becomes theirs."

Amanda's work will be on exhibit September 18th through October 2009

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