Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines Day

The weather outside is frightful but Mary Lou's Valentines are delightful. I know those aren't the real words to the song but today it's the truth! The weather has been wild all day. First rain, then snow, then beautiful blue sky, a blizzard, hail, more blue sky, more snow and now as night falls all is quiet with soft grey clouds.

Mary Lou's Valentines on the other hand are lovely. We received 19 originals note cards! Some are pink, some red, some sport handmade glitter hearts. What a truly personal way to say you are loved. Mary Lou has never marketed her cards before and we are really happy that she has chosen The Gallery for her debut. Each cards sells for $4.75.

If you are in the Bowling Green area and the weather permits, stop by and take a look, I have several of them in the window.

So count up your Valentines and send us an e-mail, we will be happy to ship as many as you need to make them all happy!

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