Friday, April 15, 2011

Portraits that Make A City

The Gallery is proud to share the portraits of fifteen individuals who, in our opinion, have helped shape the personality of Bowling Green, Kentucky. They are by no means the only ones but these folks came to mind quickly when brainstorming about personality, visibility, and accomplishments.

You may wonder about the Notable or Notorious title. We felt that we are all notable at sometime in our life and with some people, same with notorious. It truly is a matter of perspective. We all have our loving side, our generous side and yet deep down we know there's a little devil lurking in there somewhere too!

We gave four Bowling Green residents the honor of being included posthmusithly: Ernst Hogan, George Ann Hobson Duncan, Pauline Tabor and Dr. McCormack . It was our feeling that these people and their personalities were slipping from the collective memory of the city. We hope our exhibit reintroduces them to you.

Let us know which Notable or Notorious person inspires, intrigues, or just interests you. We would love to read your thoughts and comments. Better yet, suggest someone you think is worthy of inclusion in Notable or Notorious II.

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