Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello World!

The Gallery at 916 is proud to be on-line and communicating with art lovers all over the world. It is truly exciting to be sitting in Bowling Green, Kentucky on a beautiful summer day knowing that people who enjoy original fine art can communicate with like minded individuals from anywhere in the world. I am thinking of a friend of ours from New Zeland, a potter, by the name of Jo. We miss you and hope you are enjoying the winter!

The Gallery at 916, is an independent gallery situated on Fountain Square Park in Downtown Bowling Green. Steve Oliver and I share the responsibility of running the gallery and scouting out new talent from around the region. We hope with the addition of the blog, we will be able to develop new relationships beyond our present boundaries with artists and patrons alike.

Bowling Green is located in southcentral Kentucky on Interstate 65. It is pretty much a straight line from Lake Michigan to Dothan, Alabama. If you start at the southern tip of Lake Michigan and head south, you will travel through lots of interesting rural country, dotted with outlet malls. You will also travel through Indianapolis, Louisville, Bowling Green, Nashville, and come pretty close to Birmingham.

The Gallery is just one of the reasons Bowling Green is famous. Bowling Green is also home to The Corvette, Western Kentucky University, Fruit of the Loom, Camping World, and Beach Bend Park. Just north of the city is Mammoth Cave National Park. The park boasts the longest cave system in the world (according to Steve) and receives splunkers from all over the world.

Historically, Bowling Green had a role in the War Between the States much like the role of Kentucky, trading occupying armies over the course of the conflict. The area has preserved four fortifications and regularly hosts re-anactments. Several residences from that period have been restored and a few are open to the public for viewing.

There are endless reasons to visit Bowling Green and we will continue to entice you over the course of our blog but art and connecting art lovers is what interests us the most.

Our gallery is proud to represent artists who are currently living in the region. Some have been here all their lives and others have recently made Bowling Green their home.

Our intent is to introduce you to our artists and keep you informed on gallery happenings. Right now it's, scotch o'clock and the sidewalk cafes are filling up! Got to go.....Lynn

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