Saturday, June 27, 2009

Square Saturday...

Saturdays on the Square during the summer are lazy affairs. People stroll instead of rush by the gallery taking the time to really look at the art in the windows. Saturday is also the day when visitors to Bowling Green wander down to the Square. When the wedding is in the late afternoon and you just have to get out of the way, what could be better than visiting the lovely fountain and absorbing all the wonderful charm of downtown. Visitors often remark how they wished their hometown had something as unique as Fountain Square Park. I am sure that most towns and cities had a central park at one time but were lost in the name of progress. A developer and gentleman, who is building a large complex just off the square once told me that cities spend billions to create the atmosphere of downtown Bowling Green. I believe him...I've seen those projects from Rockport to San Diego.

Nice turn out last night for the meet and greet for Bill and Rhonda. Sangria was refreshing and several people asked for Steve's recipe for artichoke and cheese appetizers. I even got a job pool sitting for two weeks in July...sweet!

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  1. We are so lucky to have the Square in Bowling Green. It has so much personality and beauty.