Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Work

I believe that when this country has a holiday it should involve several days. Therefore, I am just now getting back to business. And it was a great holiday! The weather had everyone guessing on Saturday and Sunday but that just added to the excitement. On Saturday evening, I gathered with friends and husband under a tent on the lawn of the WKU Guthrie Bell Tower waiting for the rain to stop so that Orchestra Kentucky could begin . Well, that never happened. No music but fabulous fireworks! All of us under the tent agreed that it was a festive, if a somewhat soggy fourth!
Sunday plans for the lake had to take a back seat to the weather too. We finally did make it out to the cabin but all outside activities were cut pretty short. We've decided you can pan fry just about anything(hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers) and it all tastes great when you are among good friends and family.

Tomorrow the gallery will host KET which is our local PBS station as they produce a segment on Bill Guffey, who is exhibiting in the gallery this month. When I have more informaiton on where the segment will air and when, I will pass that along. Stay tuned.

There, I have worked pretty hard today and it's only my first day back on the job. Better knock off early...don't want to wear myself out!

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