Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What we have

Steve and I had a photo session today. Boy, is he patient! We took a least a hundred shots of the artwork in the gallery. We realized that if you can't see what we have you can't enjoy hearing about it or the people who create it. With that in mind, we have an aggressive agenda of photo shoots coming up.
Today we focused on adding works by Bill Guffey and Rhonda Hartis Smith. who are exhibiting this month. We also photographed two works by Angela Kuprion, who is a nationally recognized portrait artist. Capitol Lobbyists, features people in the lobby of the Capitol Arts Theater which is a restored movie theater. This piece won honorable mention in the 2009 Women in the Arts exhibition which is produced by The Women's Center of The Medical Center at Bowling Green. The second work is titled Roses. Both works are oil, Roses on canvas and Capitol Lobbyists on board.
Lynn Robertson has exhibited with The Gallery at 916 since day one. We have added two new works to her page, Luxemborg Gardens and Hey! Hay! Lynn travels extensively with her husband Claude, who is also an artist, and always returns with images that become works of art. Both pieces are oil on board.
So that's a little of what we have. We took photos of our pottery, jewelry and furniture which I will introduce to you along with their creators in the days to come.
It's possible that I will publish this blog post before Steve gets the photos on the site. But patience is a Steve reminded me several times today.

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